Spotlight on: Andrew De Groot, one of the best business coaches in Devon

If you are looking for business coaches in Devon, then Andrew De Groot of ActionCOACH Exeter may be the right fit for you. Pictured here with some of his coaching clients, Andrew is committed to offering world-class coaching to businesses across the Southwest.

A number of factors have enabled Andrew to do this. Firstly, he had an impressive career in global finance, but decided to relocate to Budleigh Salterton during Lockdown and share his wealth of experience with local entrepreneurs, business leaders and top executives.

Secondly, he owns the ActionCOACH franchise for the region and has full accreditation with what is said to be the World’s Number 1 Coaching Team. ActionCOACH Exeter has been running for two years and offers various business coaching options from regular 1:1 sessions to group coaching twice a month. Andrew also hosts regular 90-Day Planning Days and Coaching Taster events.

Thirdly, Andrew can be described as one of the top business coaches in Devon due to his recent coaching successes. In April 2023, one of his clients won a prestigious business award in London. This was the first time a company from Devon has been recognised in this way at the annual BizX Awards. A very special day for Andrew and the ActionCOACH Exeter delegation who attended the banquet.

Splash Projects won for ‘Best Community Impact’, and the team can be seen below with ActionCOACH founder Brad Sugars on the left; Andrew standing next to him; the Splash Team; and former international gymnast and broadcaster, Gabby Logan on the right.

“I feel elated for Splash Projects and pleased for the Southwest businesses,” said Andrew De Groot, following the award. “This will inspire many local businesses in  Devon & Cornwall to win on the national stage and I look forward to seeing others enter to gain the rightful recognition and reward for their tremendous achievements.”

5 useful criteria to help choose Business coaches in Devon

The reasons for choosing a business coaching company vary based on individual needs, goals, and preferences. Some of the most common questions ActionCOACH Exeter is asked, revolve around expertise and specialisation; experience and track record; credentials and certification; cost and return on investment; and ethics and values.

  1. Expertise and specialisation: When selecting a business coach, it’s vital to appraise his or her expertise and specialisation, ensuring they possess in-depth knowledge of your industry or specific business challenges. Having BA Hons in Business Studies and Corporate Finance Andrew has worked as a Chartered Accountant with firms such as PwC rising to head departments at NatWest Bank and HSBC. He also runs a local business to keep a foot in the entrepreneurial sector. So whether you require Executive Coaching or the confidence to start and maintain a new business, Andrew can help your business thrive.
  2. Experience and track record: A business coaching company’s experience and track record play a pivotal role in the selection process, with reviews, testimonials, and case studies serving as indicators of their success in helping businesses achieve their goals. ActionCOACH Exeter has dozens of client success stories to share, including Ben Sercombe’s account of how business coaching has helped CAP Technologies to reach a £500K turnover.
  3. Credentials and certification: Evaluating the credentials and certification of the coaches associated with the company is a fundamental step, providing assurance of professional standards and expertise. As a global franchise, ActionCOACH sets the bar extremely high assuring that the same standards are upheld worldwide.
  4. Cost and ROI: The assessment of costs and the expected return on investment is a critical factor, ensuring that the financial commitment to business coaching aligns with the anticipated benefits and outcomes for your business. ActionCOACH has different programmes to suit all pockets. See How much does business coaching cost? Furthermore, Andrew guarantees the businesses that work with him that they will at least get the money they have invested in coaching back in new revenue or he will double the difference.
  5. Ethics and values: In the decision-making process, it is paramount to consider the ethics and values upheld by the coaching company, ensuring that their principles align with your business’s standards for ethical conduct and integrity. Andrew De Groot and the ActionCOACH Exeter are committed to the utmost integrity.

Andrew De Groot’s guarantee is probably enough on its own to secure his place as one
of the best business coaches in Devon. Not everyone has the confidence to do that. But Andrew oozes confidence and is keen to help others build their inner belief and business acumen.  

Of course, ActionCOACH is not for everybody, and it will not be a good fit for those people who don’t have time to spend at least five hours a week working on the business rather than in the business. However, for those who will take the time, you can rest assured that you will build a client base of raving fans that will sustain your company through thick and thin.

Visit the ActionCOACH Exeter website for more information about the various business coaching programmes available. Also read Meet Andrew De Groot, who takes businesses on Action adventures

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