Meet Duncan Attwood of fit20, one of Exeter’s top franchise success stories

Since purchasing his first fit20 Franchise in 2019, Duncan Attwood has established a thriving fitness studio in Exeter and is about to branch out to Torquay. It’s no wonder he has received several awards recognising his outstanding performance. Duncan is also well-known in networking circles in Devon and is often involved in local charitable endeavours.

He set up fit20 Exeter five years ago. Situated near the Honiton Road Park & Ride, it attracts people of all ages who have discovered the many benefits of strength training. Duncan’s clients range from 13 to 90 and include sportspeople as well as busy businesspeople. Athletes, cyclists etc want to build their core strength to do better in their sporting discipline, while some entrepreneurs only have time to exercise once a week. Then there are the older folk who want to retain stamina and mobility.

fit20 offers a revolutionary new outlook on how fitness can be achieved. As the name fit20 suggests, Duncan maintains that one can “Get fit in20 minutes per week”! Sounds impossible, but it’s not. In fact, a recent study has shown that 20 minutes of training a week is enough to improve muscle strength significantly and provide the health benefits that go with it.

So how does fit20 work? One simply attends a single high-intensity training session weekly with a personal trainer, allowing your body to recover between sessions. You don’t need to change into gym kit to do the exercises or shower afterwards. You exercise on five different machines, each focusing on a particular part of the body. Sensors monitor each exercise enabling you to track your progress from month to month.

Sounds easy enough for people who don’t have a lot of time, or have an aversion to gym, and the results speak for themselves. Several local entrepreneurs have been happy to share their fit20 Exeter journey. And of course, fit20 is not just for busy businesspeople. It works just as well for students, homemakers etc and is popular with retired folk too.

Duncan believes that ‘strength changes everything’, whether a client is dealing with a particular health issue, for example high blood pressure, or if they just want to achieve enhanced stamina to perform better at rowing or cycling etc. No argument there, but how do Duncan and his team of personal trainers in Exeter achieve this? Especially if they aren’t advocating going to the gym every other day…

“Prior to fit20 Exeter, exercise felt like a chore, but having been introduced to a new way of exercise, I am confident that I can build the 20 minutes into my week without any problem,” says David Wright. “My physical and mental health are certainly reaping the benefits.”

Sami also commented on what fit20 Exeter has done for her. “Overall, my general fitness and posture has improved. I have a thyroid issue that can cause joint pain, though I’ve noticed it is much better in my knees and back. Mentally my confidence has significantly improved.”

Congratulations to the award-winning Duncan Attwood

Duncan, who has a degree in Sports Science and Health Studies has worked in the fitness and health industry for 20 years. In the past couple of years, he has built up a clientele of over 140 clients with a growing team of personal trainers in Exeter. These include Pete Eggleston, Kamil Malski and others. Pete is now managing fit20 Exeter and Duncan is looking to expand to other towns in Devon.

He is also a keen networker in the city, who cares not only for those who he is training but also for the less fortunate. He and his daughter have participated in skydive in aid of InFocus Charity and he recently slept rough at the Eden Project in aid of the Amber Foundation which supports youth homelessness. It’s not surprising then, that Duncan won a Great British Francisee Award in 2022 from sponsored by Lloyds Bank, Worldpay and others. He also won not one, but three awards at the fit20 UK annual conference. These included:

🏆 The Outstanding Performance Award for the growth demonstrated at fit20 Exeter and the positive benefits members have received from their membership.

🏆 The Core Values Award for demonstrating fit20 core values across all areas of business – i.e having the UK studio with the largest membership base, supporting other franchisees by sharing knowledge and supplier relationships and for community/charity work undertaken.

🏆 The Franchisee of the Year as voted by all fit20 UK franchisees and agreed by head office.

Achievements like this as well as the many, many positive testimonials of his clients are what set Duncan apart as a top Devon business leader. Follow him on LinkedIn (Duncan Attwood) and keep up to date with all the latest news from fit20 in Devon.

Also, fit20 Exeter offers corporate packages to Devon businesses, enabling them to demonstrate their level of commitment to the physical and mental well-being of their employees. The fitness studio also provides free opportunities for individuals to try out the training in person or with a friend. Click to Experience fit20 training for free in Exeter.

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